Creating Fog in Unity.

In the first step, drag and drop the fog to the scene and place it near the Terminaltube.

Select the fog and crank up the start size and I will adjust the start and end time too.

Volumetric Lights with Fog

This means your light can have a fog effect, to do this create a point light and enable volumetric light.

Note: In the new unity version volumetric light is turned on automatically.

Then go to Global Volume and add fog and turn on it then enable attenuation and volumetric fog.

To see the light adapt to fog turns the intensity up a little bit. Or select the global volume and rise up the fog attenuation value.

Increase light intensity.

Cool fog Fixes

A fog can have issues, when you are moving with dynamic light, you can see ghosting appear in your light.

To fix this go to HDRP PipeLine Assets, then go to lighting, and turn on high quality.

Note: This setting is from unity 2019.3, you won't find this setting in unity 2021.3.3f1 and later. So I don't think this issue will be there in the new version Starting this in unity 2021.3.3f1.

For the new version select your volume setting and turn all fog settings, this will fix the common issues with fog.

If still have an issue with your fog, you can go to Player Setting<HDRP Global Setting<Lighting, and turn off reprojection.

See you in the next article.



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