Creating Your First Action

Suleiman Abdullah
3 min readFeb 11


Objective:Creating Your First Action.

In the first step go to action tab delete action in window.

Then select player action map then got to action tab ,hit plus button on action tab.But by default it will create a binding,please delete binding to avoid confusion .

Alright ,Now our action need binding this binding is determined .To do this select our action then hit pluss button on action button then choose binding.

Now we need to decide What Action type we want our fireGun action to be.To do this go to the action type while selecting FireGun for the sake of this tutorial lets choose button.

Note:As you can see when I choose Control type option appear with a lot option control type.

Now Select the bind option then go to <Binding Property<Binding<Path ,then expand the drop down option this will popup a lot of button,Jostic,Keybod option .But to make the procees quick select listen tab and hit and key on your keybord ,this will autofill our binding to that keybord key you pressed for this binding option on path option.

Lets say I want right mouse button to fire the gun we will repeat the above process but this time will do manualy I wont use listen tab.I lied could find right mouse button easy but I have showed you ,how we could add this binding manualy.

To save this asset we can use to option Auto-Save or Save Asset option.But I will use Save Asset option.

The Best practice when want to save this asset is to save using Save Assets ,because auto save will compile all project every time you modify this assets.

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