Education Game in Development - Game Design Document

Suleiman Abdullah
2 min readSep 10


Objective: Education Game in Development - Game Design Document.

General Idea Of the Game.

The player will solve simple math games, addition and subtraction, and matching games.


Target Audience

These games are intended for kids aged of 4years or above.

Core Mechanics.

The chore mechanic will be a drag-and-drop mechanic.

Themes and Player Experience

Education games for Kids.

Core Game Loop

The exact game flow the player will experience through your game.

Solving math questions.


I want to work on this project for 5 days or one week

See you in the next one.


Note: I planned to do this in 5 days or a week but it went up to 10 days I plan to cut my idea into half otherwise it will take more than 2 weeks.

Note: I have watched countless videos hearing the same staff “Cut your Idea into half” and “Double the time you think you will finish the game” Now I have experienced those words I heard from gamedevunlocked, Jason Weiman, CodeMonkey, and many others.



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