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Suleiman Abdullah
2 min readSep 23, 2023


Objective: an overview of kids' games.

Kids Addition Math Games

In this game, you need to drag the correct answer for the math equation, and then drop it to the blank spot after the equal sign.

If you get the answer it will prompt that the answer is correct.

If you get the answer wrong, the button will reset to the old position.

But if you find no correct answer in the selection, it will require you to press the next button to generate another Answer .

Kids Subtraction Math Games.

This is the same but, all logic is the same as the above except the subtraction part.

Fruit Matching Game

In this game, you need to match the fruit with, the text box.

If you match the fruit with the same name, the fruit sticks to the correct spot. Otherwise, the fruit will return to its normal position.

This is the end of the UI project, see you at the next one.

Here is the Github Repo of these 3 games



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