Learn to code by making 2.5 D Space Shooter Game .

Objective: Animate Triple Shot Powerup.

The first step is to select the game Object we want to create the animation for.

Go to Window > Animation > Animation, right click Animation tab the animation window will pop up dock it next to the game window.

Now go to animation window hit create, create new a folder rename it and select it after that rename your animation then click save button.

Make sure you select the game object you want to create animation for, press record button go to sprite frame of our triple shot select the first frame hold down shift select the last frame to select them all drag and drop them to the animation dope sheet then stop record .

Press play button to preview the animation in scene view.

Now Lets make our speed of Powerup to zero then Play Unity editor to see if we succeed create our animation .

we have successfully created triple shot powerup animation.




Unity Developer

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Suleiman Abdullah

Suleiman Abdullah

Unity Developer

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