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Suleiman Abdullah
3 min readJan 20, 2022

Objective: Applying Post Processing

In order to do these let's understand what is a post-process stack.

Post Process stack is the collection of effects and image filters that you can apply to your camera to improve the visual of your games.

The first step is to install the post-process package go window< package manager, search for post-process click install to start installing it.

The next step is to create a post-process volume, to do that create an empty game object add a post-process volume component, and create a profile by clicking the new tab check is a global check box to affect everything in a scene.

Now we need to add effect to our game, select post-process go the inspector below you will see add effect tab click it go unity< Bloom.

The next step is to add a component to the main camera called the post-processing layer.

The next step is to create a layer to the Post Process Game Object, select post-process Game adds a layer renamed Post Processing then change a layer from default to post-processing.

Go back to the main camera select it, go to the inspector post-process layer component <Layer <select post-processing layer you have created before.

Next select Post Process volume adds effect < unity < bloom, then enable all effects to increase the intensity to see if we can change the emission of material in our sprite.

Last let's add another effect called color grading, add effect < color grading.

Note: if modify the effect like this the color won't look normal, to solve the issue we need to change color mode. Don't forget to enable all features first.

To solve the Issue go build setting < Player Setting < color space, change it linear for HDR color to look correct.

wait for a 1 0r 2 min for the project to make its setting right.

Last let us modify color grading, am going to play with the temperature effect which the higher the value the warmer the effect the lower the value the cooler the effect.

You can play with many features as you wish you feel you are satisified.

See you in the next articles.



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