Learn to make cutscenes in unity3d by building a stealth Game.

Suleiman Abdullah
2 min readOct 6, 2022


Objective: Hide CutScene at the end.

Create an activation track and drag the cutscene to the activation track in the timeline.

Select the activation clip in the time frame then expands it to the last animation frame of the GetCardAnimation. But we want to end the cutscene when screen goes black.

Note: If you select activation track clip you will see the start and end time ,if you modify duration that will be the last frame that the object will be active before deactivation in the next frame. Duration is total time that cut scene will last according to its animation time.

Note: How do we now how many frame we have ,we use our animation which will provide the size of animation we have in seconds or frame.

Last make sure to disable the Camera fade at the end of the cutscene.

The bonus you can modify the activation box when the cutscene is over to give the sense he is in the same position and not make the player wonder how he moves there when the cutscene show he is so near the guard.

This is how I disable the cutscene at the end and bring it.

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