Learn to make cutscenes in unity3d by building a stealth Game.

Objective: Challenge - Alpha to Black.

In the first step create another image in the same canvas in Game over cutscene and stretch it to fill the full game view.

rename it camera_alpha_to_Black

In the second step, change the color to black and reduce the opacity to zero.

Note: To see the changes clear, I have disabled the camera fade to the alpha object but I will enable it at the end to preview both fades.

In the following step create an animation track, then drag and drop camera_alpha_to_Black to the field of the animation track, when the pop-up appears which says “create animator on camera_alpha_to_Black” clicks it. This means when you select that option animator will be created on camera_alpha_to_Black object.

Note: Make sure to move the slider where you want the fade to start.

Hit the record button, select camera_alpha_to_Black object then adjusts the opacity a tiny bit to get the first frame, move the slider to the frame you want to be fully dark then stop recording. This means fade to black will start after the first frame to the last frame to go full dark.

This is how we fade camera alpha to black.

See you in the next article.



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Suleiman Abdullah

Self taught Unity Developer, who is passion about making games ,and he loves Math For Game Development