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Suleiman Abdullah
2 min readJun 25, 2022


Objective: Make transparent windows using material.

Before doing anything we need to know what we need to archive, we need to make the window see-through. We need to make the left windows be able to see through just like the left windows.

In the first step, select Windows wall <Windows wall_1.8 start dragging and dropping all materials except the last material we need to leave the last material as a plain material from the left windows.

If we select plain material from our left windows and set transparency percent to low, we will still not archive the same result as the right window.

Note: Why this is happening, is because this is not the exact material used to make transparency windows.

To achieve this, create a material and set the Rendered mode to Transparent, then set transparency percent from color to low percent.

Select the right windows < windows wall_8.1, takes this transparent material drag, and drop it to the fourth element.

Adjust smoothness, to make clear transparency windows, this is how we can make transparent windows.

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