Learn to make cutscenes in unity3d by building a stealth Game.


Objective: Challenge — Compose Shot

Before doing that, let's check the director's notes.

In the first step, create a virtual machine named Cm front shot.

Then navigate to with WSAD keys to find the perfect shot, then hit control Shift + F.Then Hit solo on the Cm front shot on the inspector to view the shot.

I have adjusted to get an accurate shot according to the director's notes.

In the following step create another virtual camera and rename it Cm OTH Shot, which is over the head shot. navigate to get the accurate shot as the director guide, If you are happy with the shot hit ctrl shift f and hit solo to preview.

Adjust the view to get an accurate view from the director's notes

Note: Make sure to select the virtual camera before hitting control shift f.

This is how to compose the shot for the game over cutscene.

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Suleiman Abdullah

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