Learn to make cutscenes in unity3d by building a stealth Game

Objective: Polish Intro Cutscene to match the voice-over dialogue.

The easy way to do this is to use toggle play range makers, we do this by going to the Timeline< Preview<Toggle Play range makers and defining a range where we want to focus for now.

toggle Play range makers are a life-saver in the timeline.

now click the play button in the timeline, the camera cuts, and audio will play in the same area where toggle play range makers are defined. So this will make the process much easy.

Note: In the previous version, you need to play the editor to hear the audio.

Here I extend the shot or drag it back or squeeze the length of the shot to match the dialogue with a cinematic cut and animation to get the precise result as the director want.

This is how we polish the Intro cutscene to match between voice-over and the animation by following the director's guide, I will polish more, and when I am happy with it, I will share a video of the full intro cutscene with you guys.

See you in the next article.



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Suleiman Abdullah

Self taught Unity Developer, who is passion about making games ,and he loves Math For Game Development