Overview of Action Map

Suleiman Abdullah
2 min readFeb 11, 2023

Objective:Overview of Action Map.

Before start doing this from our previous article ,we open our playerInputAction assets.

In the first step ,our assets shows it consists of three part Action ,Action Maps and Action Property but from this new version of unity we can not see Action Property until we create our action maps.To create an acton map go to action map tab and hit plus button a rename the action map.

An action map is used to change our character controller at run time and switch to different action map to drive a car or a plane.This is why new input system is so robust and very important for developer to master it.

To understan this more a map action is something which store different control eg playerControl,CarControl,BoatControl and can be switched at runtime very easily.So each action map store some type of control .

This is PlayerControl lets say its action map is Control
Hmm lets call it witchCarControl ,so lets say its action map is WhichRideCar
This is SwimmingControl but its action map is swiming

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