Tap & Hold w/ New Unity Input System.

Suleiman Abdullah
2 min readFeb 20


Objective: Tap & Hold w/ New Unity Input System.

Before doing this I will create an a plane ,and add a cube with rigidbody and set use gravity to true.Then I will cache a rigidbod at the start method and name variable as rb.

In the first step I will create an action map called ball and its action called bouncing with space key as binding.

In this step I will select bouncing and add interaction of type hold with maximum of 1 second.

I will create PlayerInputAction reference then create instance,i will enable my action map and and create perfomed function.

To make the ball move up,I will use rigidbody.AddForce.

In this step I will register a cancelled perfomed function.

In this step want to move the ball go up a little bit according how the player hold a space button,we do this using context duration.Then we take context duration we multiply with force then cast it as float.

Lets see the result.

See you in the next article.



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