The Amazing Power of Light Probes


In the first step, let's create a light probe group.

The pink color is due to lift, gamma, and gain, after resetting it everything looks normal

Now I will duplicate my probe to fit my doorway. To know how I duplicate this goes back to my previous project I have an article about that.

Now I will select a few floors on the doorway to avoid unity to baked light forever. Then I will generate light.

This is called cheating, Light group is so special it gives us bounce light and makes the auto-generate process of light calculation more quickly by choosing only one part to collect light.

Also, it provides volumetric light without using real light calculation or avoids using post-processing which is also expensive.

See you in the next article.



Suleiman Abdullah

Self taught Unity Developer, who is passion about making games ,and he loves Math For Game Development