Using Indirect Multipliers

Objective: Using Indirect Multipliers.

In the first step, I will create a light and move it to the doorway.

I will change my point light mode to Mixed because if you see the option of indirect multiplier we are getting a warning that real-time indirect bounce shadowing is only supported for Directional lights.

Note: Make sure you set your lighting setting to auto-generate, and this require static object in order to work.

Now I want to light my ceiling more, to do this select the point light and go to the inspector <Emission <Inderect multiplier. Then increase the value of the Indirect multiplier.

Note: My graphic is so old to updating the light takes an hour even some time unity crashes, but I hope you can see the changes quickly.

See you in the next article.



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Suleiman Abdullah

Self taught Unity Developer, who is passion about making games ,and he loves Math For Game Development