Using Layered Lit to mix Texture Maps

Objective: Using Layer Lit to mix Texture Maps

In the first step, create a plane and material and rename the material to dual.

In the following step, change the shader type of the dual to Layered Lit, this type of shader will allow us to add texture together.

Now I will drag the dirt material to Dual < Layer 1 and Grass material to <Dual< Main Layer

Then I will take dual material and drag and drop it onto the Plane.

If that material by default is a builtin material no change will show, to solve this we need to convert this material to HDRP.

Result after converting material HDRP

In order for grass to show as it mixes with dirt, we need to add grass texture to Dual < Layer Mask. But this will make grass appear on top of the dirt.

To solve this we need to minimize the image height using gimp or photoshop, to do this take that image and drag and drop it to gimp.

Using gimp to do this I am not sure if it works but go <Image<Scale Image, and reduce the x and y of this image. Then export this file.

Go to unity <Dual, take that image drag, and drop it to the Layer Mask Option. You can use photoshop to adjust the level by going the image and bringing down the level on both sides.

See you in the next article.



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