Why is Screen Space Reflections Unique?

In the first step, go to HDRP Renderer Pipeline Assets <Reflection, and turn on Screen Space Reflection.

Then go to Compress Reflection Probe Cache and turn it on. Enable the checkbox to compress the Reflection Probe cache in order to save space on the disk.

Then we need to make the screen reflection more accurate by adjusting the screen reflection value. To do Select Global Volume<Light <Screen Space Reflection.

But this won't work for the new version of unity you will get this error

To solve this Select HDRP High Fidelity, then go to Lighting and Enable Screen Space Reflection there. You will notice the above error disappear in the Global Volume option. I have locked the global volume option in the inspector and I will open a new tab and then go to HDRP High Fidelity, so you can see both what will happen.

To see the change select the global volume and select Again you will see all options to adjust for screen space Reflection now.

You will see me adjust those options randomly you can explore how each affects your scene.

Screen Space Reflection gives more accurate reflection than reflection probes but it's performance-heavy, so you better keep your mind if you target low-end devices.

See you in the next article.



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